New Book on KM, L&D & OL: Call for Involvement

Performance Enhancing will be my first book, scheduled for release in early 2010. It will make the case for the integration of Knowledge Management, Learning & Development & Organisational Learning. I had originally conceived it as simply a longer version of this article but it’s turning into more than that. It will also be the first book from Innotecture Press.

At the moment, I am interviewing people and collecting some case studies. In January next year, I’ll need readers / reviewers. If you want to be involved  then please email me.

Here is the background for case studies:

Case studies should be examples of organisations using a mix of learning & development, organizational learning and/or knowledge management techniques to enhance their performance.

The case studies can be any length and they will be incorporated in the text rather than standalone chapters. I cannot offer money for them but contributors will keep copyright of their material (they’ll in effect be licensing it to me) & can do what they like with their own case study material. The main benefit for contributors will be publicity.

Suggested format:
1. Organisational Background – Who is the organisation? When & where is being discussed?
2. Challenge – Why was the effort initiated?
3. Approach – How was the effort carried out?
4. Outcomes – So what was the result of the effort? Includes qualitative & quantitative outcomes.
5. Reflections – What worked well? What could be done differently?

Deadline: Friday January 8 2010.

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3 Responses to New Book on KM, L&D & OL: Call for Involvement

  1. This sounds interesting and I’ll look forward to what your research discovers. It’s especially interesting to see if businesses take learning and development into consideration.

  2. innotecture says:

    I am a big fan of the work of Muhammad Yunus. I know less about the work of “James” from the London Speakers Bureau but I am not a fan of blog spam nor of impersonating* a real person.

    Muhammad / James – What is going on here?

    *Pastiche is a different thing entirely.

  3. Cheryl Cooper says:

    I look forward to meeting you and hearing more about your book at the KM4DEV meeting in Brussels next week.

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