Nancy White Redux

Nancy was here. We know this because of the blog, Jeanne Walker’s Flickr stream and also the damn awesome events that Nancy ran.

  • The Sydney Facilitators Network gig was excellent. As much as the world of facilitation drives me up the wall sometimes (“tell me what you think”), that crowd are up for anything. And the group and Nancy just fed off each other’s energy.
  • The morning of the Sydney online communities gig was great. We had a small number of people from a reasonably homogeneous background and we just sat and chatted about important stuff.
  • The Sydney afternoon just didn’t quite gel until towards the end. We had a very diverse bunch of participants and on reflection Nancy & I tried to overdesign the session. Sometimes less is more.
  • The KMLF meeting and subsequent Chinese restaurant nonsense was good. In some ways more restrained than the Sydney Facilitators but still powerful.
  • The Melbourne morning and afternoon online communities sessions were just great. The participants were totally engaged, the format gave people just enough structure and at the end we had to forcibly eject some people to make our planes. One point of contrition – I spent too much time fiddling with the video camera & pottering round the edges. Need to work on being more present.

Thank you to everyone who made this happen! 2010 will be interesting indeed…

I want to get Nancy back over here in 2010.

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