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Information & Knowledge Policy – Social Media

I made it to the second day of this conference on Information and Knowledge Policy Development this week. I was offering a session on Social media policies (Slideshare seems to be working now): Notes: Slides 1-4: This was the fun … Continue reading

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Training Magazine Australia – From User-Centred to User-Generated Learning

Here is an article that I recently wrote for Training Australia Magazine. There’s actually a lot of good, solid writing in there so I have no hesitation recommending it. Meanwhile, I give you: From User-Centred to User-Generated Learning

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Human Capital Magazine – Talent Management in a Down Economy

This article was written a few months ago for Human Capital Magazine but took a little while to get to publication. So here is Talent Management in a Down Economy. Unfortunately it may have increased in relevance in the interim.

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Justifying Your Knowledge Management Programme

After the actKM conference session, I decided to write the presentation up as a short white paper: Justifying Your Knowledge Management Programme. Many thanks to Andrew Mitchell and Keith De La Rue for their comments and suggestions. I’d welcome your … Continue reading

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