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Reporting on the Knowledge Organisation Competencies Project

More info here. Matt Moore and Patrick Lambe developed a draft competency framework for knowledge organization professionals in support of the inaugural “Innovations in Knowledge Organization” conference held in Singapore in June 2015. With the support of ISKO we then tested this framework within the larger … Continue reading

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Building Competence for Knowledge Organisation

Download Building Competence for Knowledge Organisation As software eats the world and the internet transforms vast swathes of human activity, the field of knowledge organisation has not been immune. Traditional tools such as thesauri and controlled vocabularies are being augmented and … Continue reading

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Innovation in Knowledge Organisation: A Conference Report

Innovation in Knowledge organisation was conference put on by Straits Knowledge (a Singapore-based knowledge management consultancy), PebbleRoad (a Singapore-based user experience design consultancy) and Synaptica (a global taxonomy software company).  The format of the conference was high energy – although … Continue reading

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