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Performance Enhancing – Word Association

There is a game I have been playing with people around the world. It’s a very simple game called “word association”. I write up some phrases and then people tell me what comes into their heads. The phrases are “training … Continue reading

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Performance Enhancing – Am I on my own?

It would be very tempting to say that I am the sole visionary with something to say about combining learning and knowledge for Performance Enhancing. However that would be completely untrue. In researching and writing the book, I found that … Continue reading

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Performance Enhancing – So what’s the book about?

When I tell them about the book, people ask me: “What’s it all about then?” There isn’t just one answer to that question but here are a selection of contenders for your consideration: It’s about getting more bang for your … Continue reading

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New Book on KM, L&D & OL: Call for Involvement

Performance Enhancing will be my first book, scheduled for release in early 2010. It will make the case for the integration of Knowledge Management, Learning & Development & Organisational Learning. I had originally conceived it as simply a longer version … Continue reading

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