Performance Enhancing – So what’s the book about?

When I tell them about the book, people ask me: “What’s it all about then?”

There isn’t just one answer to that question but here are a selection of contenders for your consideration:

  • It’s about getting more bang for your buck. Organizations spend a lot of money on training and knowledge management. They often get some benefit from these activities but it is my belief that they can get more. The book is a plea for organizations to tackle knowledge and learning issues in a holistic way in order to do them better.
  • It’s about mixing of practice and theory. It wouldn’t pass muster as an academic tome but I’m actually quite happy with that. There are plenty of examples and case studies to illustrate points but there’s also some references to the the theoretical background concerning learning and knowledge issues in organizations.
  • It’s the book that I wished that I had had when I started out in knowledge management back in 1999. I would probably have made as many mistakes as I actually did – but possibly more interesting ones.
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