Upcoming Events

Tuesday August 31 (Sydney): I will be presenting some preliminary results from the Using Expertise project at the NSW KM Forum. This is an (almost) free event and also features Gail McGuckin – who I have never met but heard many good things about.

Friday October 8 & Saturday October 9 (Sydney): I will be running a session called Welcome to the Jungle at Oz-IA. I attended and presented at this last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Organizer Eric Scheid does his best to make the whole conference experience memorable.

Monday 18 October & Tuesday 19 October (Canberra): I will be at the annual actKM conference running an interactive session around Performance Enhancing. This is one of my favourite conferences ev-ah – not least because experimentation is warmly welcomed.

Wednesday 20 October (Canberra): I will be joining Nerida Hart & Siwan Lovett from the Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC) in a workshop on narrative-based facilitation techniques. More to follow soon.

Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 November (Brisbane): I will probably be doing something at ACKMIDS around the divide between practitioners and academics in knowledge management. To be confirmed.

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