SI KM Leaders Call – Using Expertise

The slides can be downloaded from slideshare. Download the audio.

UPDATE: Download the SI KM Leaders call mp3. Many thanks to everyone who participated – and my apologies for being late (I was literally holding the baby).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Patrick’s presentations @ KM World 2009.


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3 Responses to SI KM Leaders Call – Using Expertise

  1. Alice Dunlap-Kraft says:

    Thanks Matt! On the call you mentioned a couple of resources in response to my question about tagging people as a method to find expertise. Can you recap those here?

    Also re the discussion about alumni networks — I’m amazed by how fast IBM’s has grown, and likewise at how my own email address book has tipped over to majority external. With Twitter and Facebook connections, I don’t have to give up relationships (or work very hard to keep them) when someone retires or is laid off. That opportunity for easy connection is what makes the new corporate attitude toward ex-employees possible. And what people know about each other, and convey when they connect, increases awareness of an employee’s identity related to that company brand. So ex-employee networks make good sense for the brand

  2. innotecture says:

    Hi Alice,


    Here are two things that might useful:
    – A presentation on collaborative bookmarking (now a little old).
    – My delicious tags on bookmarking have the links to the onomi case study:

    Alumni – yes indeed! Of course this implies that companies should start thinking about lifetime employee value rather than what they currently do now…

  3. Lots of of guys talk about this subject but you said some true words.

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