Performance Enhancing @ SOL Australia

Many thanks to those who came to the session yesterday.  The word association results are available for download. Some slight tweaking of the order of results: (p.1 “Future Challenges”, p.1 refers to “Training & Development”, p.3  “Knowledge Management”, p.4 “Organizational Learning”, p.5 “Performance Improvement”).

Got more of a chance to dig into the maturity model, which I think is fundamentally sound. One important point that cropped up was around “culture”. Now I have largely steered clear of that term – because it is so horrendously over-used, it’s lost a lot of its meaning. I also don’t think that a learning & knowledge person can “implement” culture – they can only influence it. So in the book, I talk about different kinds of cultural indicators you tend to see at different levels of maturity.

The other important point that came through in the word association exercise was the fuzziness of the different traditions that I talk about. They intermingle with each. So the best I can aim for in the space I have allotted myself (& I suspect readers will willingly absorb) is a caricature rather than a full portrait.

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