Reach: Institute of Management Consultants (NSW) April 7 2009

I gave a talk to the NSW Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants on social software (slides below).

The core of the talk was simple: social software is not complicated technology (although it may be complex), you just have to work out what you’re using it for. As it’s social software, that thinking has to involve a who and a why. You need not be limited by that first thought but you need a somewhere to start. In working out your starting position, it’s also important to think about the whether you’re just broadcasting or whether you’re after a conversation – as Denis B Hancock’s 2×2 sketches out very elegantly* (he’s talking about Twitter but he could be referring to any form of social software).

*Presenting to management consultants, I was contractually obliged to use at least one 2×2.

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