Folksonomies & Taxonomies @ ANZSI 2011

This presentation is a bit of a mixed bag and falls roughly into thirds:

  1. The first third looks at folksonomies. It steals liberally from Thomas Vander Wal and the work of others (see previous articles). It is my impression that folksonomies were hot from about 2006 to 2009 and have not delivered the benefits that many thought that they would. That doesn’t mean that user generated metadata has gone away, just that delicious may not be the model. In preparing for this talk, I emailed Mr Wal and he sent me back a wonderfully detailed and thorough answer. Rather than me reprinting that, I am hoping that he will publish a version of it on his blog (hint, hint). Also, Many thanks to Jordan Cassel, Glenda Brown, Lee Romero and Gary Carlson for their contributions on Taxocop.
  2. The next bit talks about the semantic web / linked data and an Australian start-up called ReadCloud. I think that ReadCloud should be of particular interest to book indexers.
  3. The final section deals with the Australian Taxonomy survey.

I was tag-teaming the taxonomy topic with Anna Gifford (who gave an excellent presentation about ontologies, education and drugs among other things). However we were in competition with a session on quilts.

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