Disappointment in Sydney

I have known the estimable Annette Clancy for a while now and I had the pleasure of meeting her (and her equally estimable husband, Ian Miller) in New York last year. By a stroke of good fortune, they will both be in Australia in June.

Annette was featured in the Australian Financial Review last week talking about emotions and the workplace. In Melbourne, Ian will be presenting at ISPSO and they will both be at the KMLF.

In Sydney, I will be arranging something short ‘n’ sweet with the NSW KM Forum to showcase Annette’s and Ian’s work but if anyone wants to either arrange or participate in something more “meaty” then please contact me directly.

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1 Response to Disappointment in Sydney

  1. annette says:

    Looking forward to seeing you again, this time in Australia – we’ll have to arrange an international meet up at least once a year!

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