STOP PRESS: Two World Cafes – Information Governance and Followership

I find myself in the situation where I have a plane ticket and 2 venues booked in my name and a gap in my schedule. One option would be to cancel them. Instead I have decided that I’m going to run some events around two quite different things that seem to be interesting me at the moment:

Followership. We hear a lot about leaders but what about followers? Some more background at the Followership Centre.
Sydney: Monday, 4 April 14:00-16:00 Book now.
Melbourne: Monday, 11 April 14:00-16:00 Book now.

Information Governance. How do we manage this flood of “stuff” that we have created as individuals and organisations? More information here.
Sydney: Monday, 4 April 10:00-12:00 Book now.
Melbourne: Monday, 11 April 10:00-12:00 Book now.

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