Nancy White Videos

As a prelude to Nancy White coming to Australia in April, we have recorded three videos:

  1. Nancy discusses how networks and communities overlap and differ and what this means for us as members.
  2. Nancy and Matt Moore discuss how to keep community sponsors, community members and yourself happy.
  3. Nancy and Matt Moore discuss how to pay attention to online community dynamics.

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7 Responses to Nancy White Videos

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  2. Thanks! Interesting topics. I wonder about the signal, whether you should also not look at the progress in the domain, innovation and learning?

  3. John Parboosingh says:

    Great conversation and lots of good advice. Thanks for sharing

  4. Manuel Flury says:

    Thanks Matt, I like to hear your talking with Nancy! Thanks Nancy for the inspirations I got listening.
    First: We tend to Make a difference between CoPs and Networks: CoPs basically being driven by individual interest and initiative and networks rather driven by an institutional motivation and interest.
    Second: Within our organisation – Swiss Development Cooperation – there are (thematic) networks established on gender, health, political economy and the like. These have an institutional mandate to care for thematic professionality. Within these networks CoPs emerge and reflect some network members interests to go beyond and share and learn in a particular field. Of course, such CoPs do exist as well outside of the formal networks.
    Best regards

  5. Kim Rowe says:

    Its always a pleasure to think community with Nancy and company. I think about software and sales these days and it is a real pleasure to reflect on community and see how I can improve the communities I participate in every day. Great videos!!!

  6. Michelle Laurie says:

    Great stuff!

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