SharePoint for Information Professionals

Microsoft’s SharePoint product has become one of the most popular tools for content management and document-centred collaboration in business and government over the last five years. This article outlines what the product does, its benefits and limitations and its broader ecosystem including third-party products. It also outlines the important role that information professionals can play in the effective deployment of SharePoint within organisations. It ends with three recent Australian case studies (New South Wales Department of Education and Training, the Ambulance Service of New South Wales and John Holland) where SharePoint and related technologies have been used to improve workplace productivity.

Download the article here

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1 Response to SharePoint for Information Professionals

  1. Anonymous user from a contry on the other side of the globe says:

    True story, happened at my company: Sharepoint cluster froze up because of – hold your breath – Windows updates.
    Whether our admins or the updates are to blame is not of importance here. What’s of importance here is: we asked Microsoft for technical support, being a large company we regularly do that.
    Their response: Sorry, Sharepoint is not classified as a business-critical application and thus you’re on your own.

    You see, I am not exactly clear-cut pro or contra Sharepoint. But this little episode showed me that Sharepoint admins out there should better be on-top with their skills because on day they might need them. Badly.

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