The Paperless Office – Future Tense – ABC Radio National

A few months ago, I contributed to an edition of Future Tense on the paperless office with Richard Watson. The major problem with the session was that Richard & I agreed on too much. I think we were both trying to be sensible and balanced which is all very grown up but makes for boring radio.

One idea that I wimped out of expounding suggested that the paperless office fad was the most populist and business-oriented version of a form of gnosticism that erupted in the 1990s. The wackier versions include Ray Kurzweil and the Extropians (the writings of Erik Davis provide an interesting commentary). Basically the material world is considered evil and something to be escaped. As my comments in the show indicate, I don’t think we can escape our materiality – “we are living in a material world” as someone once sang…

Audio and transcript here.

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