Effective Intranet Management 2010

At the last minute, I got called in to give a presentation at the Ark Group’s Effective Intranet Management conference. Fortunately I had already prepared a small truckload of material for BarCamp Canberra. The presentation was a combination of three things:

  1. Some preliminary results from OzCollab.
  2. Revisiting the idea of information ecology – esp. the contents of Tom Davenport’s 1997 book. This book should be required reading for intranet/information/knowledge managers. It only seems to be getting more relevant.
  3. A very quick 5 minute blast of ideas around cyborg metadata. There are references to CURLS, the Powerhouse Museum‘s use of Open Calais, Luis Von Ahn‘s GWAPs, Imense & Tagmotion.

When we find the time, Keith & I will probably take OzCollab to some new places. The cyborg metadata concept will be fleshed out in a series of articles over the coming year (the first to appear in a week or so).

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