Research News – Storylistening for Consumer Insight

A recent poll stated that women spend 52 minutes a day gossiping – and before the men start sniggering, apparently they spend an average of 76 minutes daily spinning yarns with their mates. We tell stories to each other compulsively – to make sense of our experiences, to persuade others, or even just to entertain ourselves. Despite the prevalence of stories in our lives, we often don’t know what to do with them in more formal situations.

A short article on story & narrative in the AMSRS publication Research News. Here is the link to the site or the article for download.

[N.B. I should be clear here that I am not a market researcher]

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1 Response to Research News – Storylistening for Consumer Insight

  1. Adam Tsui says:

    nicely done matt. stories to me, provide me with knowledge, wisdom and comfort. i think it appeals to human beings in this way because stories are often allow us to go back to our childhood in the sense that we can exercise a great degree of imagination, this is however the verging on the start of another argument on ‘innovation amongst organisations today; to what degree can/will employees use it’.

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