Into The Maelstrom

“I no longer hesitated what to do. I resolved to lash myself securely to the watercask  upon which I now held, to cut it loose from the counter, and to throw myself with it into the water.”

As with Poe’s protagonist, I have put this off for as long as possible. There will be a series of blog posts about politics and technology. As they are written, links will be added to this page. As I work out what the hell this is all about, I will rewrite this page. But each post will not be edited further.

Current product backlog below.

  1. Cyber Realism
  2. Blind Spots and High Winds
  3. Out Of Our Depth
  4. Life On Mars
  5. What If Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Take Over The world?
  6. Falling Into Chaos
  7. Fear Of Politics (1) – Techno Techno Techno
  8. Family Feudal Firm
  9. Class Dismissed
  10. Fear of Politics (2) – We Had To Destroy The Polity To Save It
  11. Quartet (A Model of Decorum and Tranquility)
  12. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated
  13. No End
  14. Fear of Politics (3) – Woke In Fright
  15. Are Friends Electric?
  16. Generation Games
  17. Globaloney
  18. The Indignity Of Labour
  19. The Only Game In Town
  20. Broken Windows Theory
  21. Democracy As A Service
  22. Consent – Lessons in Sex and Government from Second Wave Feminists
  23. Jungle Fever – Political Ecology
  24. How To Survive A Robot Apocalypse
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